A beautiful sunset

Well, here it is... June already. This year seems to be flying! Now, I know that 24 hours in a day is still 24 hours in a day. But why does it seem to go by so quickly? Or, on the other hand… why are there times when it seems to drag? It’s not like the clock is going at different paces just to mess with me, right? Sometimes I wish it would just so I can have an excuse for not getting everything done in a day!

Speaking of time passing by...

My sister’s father-in-law passed away recently and I heard that the funeral was quite a ritual. Prayers, chanting of psalms, lots of incense, taps being played, lots of flowers, kissing the cross, more prayers and chanting… all that good funeral kind of stuff. Nick Sr. lived until 92. I should be so lucky! This funeral had me thinking about the rituals we have in our lives… you know… like while we are actually alive! Why am I waiting to celebrate and honor my life? And,... if I wait for someone else to do it… I might be dead first… so, you see where this is going.

I was in the hospital over a year ago because my lung had collapsed. (I’m fine and that’s another story for another blog.) But,... let me tell you,... that was a BIG wake up call. I literally had taken my breath taken away. I was attached to all sorts of tubes and contraptions. I had taken my breath for granted… or really, my life for granted. My mantra from then on has been, “Am I breathing? Then It’s a GOOD day!” AND IT IS! The alternative… not so much.

So okay… I began wondering… how would I WANT to celebrate and honor my life… like right now… today? I am talking about more than just once a year when I might blow a candle out on a birthday cake. What would I want to say about me? How would I want to be honored? Perhaps I could send myself some flowers? Write myself a card? Perhaps I could even make it for myself… DOODLE or Paint one!! Create something just for me! This is a good start.

I have found, that creating a ritual… doing something on purpose… even something as simple as being kind, compassionate and loving to myself… will affect my day. I would love for you to try it! And then repeat it… and again, and again… and over again. I am smiling just thinking about all of you falling in love with yourselves!

Man… life is sooooo precious. Perhaps we shouldn’t wait for death to celebrate LIFE.

OK… no more waiting!!!!! You ARE Worthy!!!!!!! You ARE a Miracle! That alone deserves a celebration! What will you do today to celebrate your life? Are you breathing? Then it’s a good day!



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