Transpersonal Life Coaching


Personal Life Coaching with Karen PalmerHave you noticed…

...If you love what you do for a living?
...If you are in a rut and not sure how to get out?
...That you have disconnected from your creativity? Or believe you have none at all?
...That there is little passion, or juice to your life?
...You are waiting for all the “if only’s” to happen?
...You never put yourself at the top of the list?

As a Certified Life Coach, awakening people to their own magnificence has always been a passion of mine. I believe it is because I am constantly reminded of how precious our lives are, how miraculous our bodies are, how unique and magnificent each of us are… every single one of us. Quite frankly, I am often in awe of the beauty I see… and feel sad when we can’t see all this magnificence in ourselves.

How much more time will slip by waiting… hoping... for something to change? Tick… Tock...

It’s hard to make personal changes by yourself. And… sometimes, friends and family have their own preferences about what’s best for you. You need someone who has an unbiased perspective and can offer guidance in moving toward a life where your magnificent SELF can be fully expressed!

As a continuation of bringing my passion out to the world, I am now offering private or group coaching sessions.

Some of the sessions may include:

  • Creativity outlets to solving problems
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Career / Soul alignment
  • Creating the impact you want to have
  • Wearing “new glasses” for seeing your own beauty, uniqueness, magnificence
  • Identifying and working with your inner voices
  • Identifying obstacles and learning how to manage them

The explorations are driven by your individual needs. But no matter what they may end up being, I will always guide you to overcoming your limiting ideas and patterns and on towards achieving the breakthroughs you really want.


Coaching Packages

Free 15 minute consultation to check each other out.

3 Thirty Minute Weekly Sessions: $139

10 Thirty Minute Weekly Sessions: $389

Individual Fifty Minute Sessions: $85 each

Sessions are held over Skype or Zoom, so access to a computer or smart phone is necessary.


To book an appointment or schedule your free 15 minute consultation,

contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (702) 781-0020.


I am looking forward to your journey of awakening!!!

In Service,


Life Coaching Testimonials


Karen Palmer is like a magical love wizard of magnificence. She has a tremendous heart and a deep commitment for women to get how amazing we are. She has developed brilliant methods for helping people doodle their way into deeper self discovery while guiding us to help us manifest magic. And she is so well versed in so many areas!

She was recently coaching me on how to impact more participants to register into my upcoming retreats. On some level, our conversation impacted an underlying resistance I had developed with making phone calls and she gave me some great suggestions on how to direct my conversations so they are a "win win" for everyone. Of course, this coaching is not only impacting my confidence and listening skills in phone conversations, but is also impacting my magical retreats and my life.

Thank you my beautiful friend for your loving support and for being the magical love wizard you are! Xoxo

-- Lara P.


Karen is one of the wisest, passionate, supportive women I have had the privilege to travel this path called life with. She has a unique ability to hold space for you while you explore and overcome obstacles that hold you back from stepping fully into the extraordinary vision and opportunities that your one precious life holds. Through reflection, setting and reaching goals, she is committed to helping you reach for your dreams. She definitely knows how to ask those challenging questions and is whole heartedly dedicated to helping you uncover what only your heart knows. I am blessed to know her, and will forever be grateful for her faith in me and my soul's purpose.

-- W.R. - Canada

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