Sacred Doodling Testimonials

Sacred Doodling Artwork“You are Kind of a Big Deal to me!  I am so grateful for your kindness, leadership, and inspiration.  You have an inspiring attitude to nurture others, and I have become more of the person I want to be through the knowledge you have shared.  Love and many thanks.”  Linda G.

“Thanks for an amazing experience and for rocking my world!”  Linda L.

 “Thank you for a fun and unique experience that put me back in touch with my creativity.  I’m going to Doodle On!”  Deborah A.

“Sacred Doodling was an amazing experience.  It was a great way to spend time with others while doing self discovery.  Through this experience I’ve learned so much about myself.”  Ali W. 

Sacred Doodling Artwork“This is unique!  Nothing before and nothing after will ever be quite the same.  Thanks for this joyous time with you and these magnificent women!  You made me feel so special and so artistic!  Your loving insights touched my heart.”  Sherri B.

“Sacred Doodling is a journey of discovery, leading back to your heart.  Karen is amazing and so loving.”  Kate G.

“I signed up for the class mostly to support you and your endeavor.  Little did I know that it’s more, so much more than doodling.  Your gift of listening and guidance to be aware of our inner voices, our patterns and behaviours, our stories that we are so attached to, all your teachings are so masterful.  I learned much more about myself through doodling.  Thank you.”  Lillian L.

Sacred Doodling Art Classes“So grateful for the opportunity to find the open, expressive, safe environment for Sacred Doodling!  You have helped unleash inner beauty and realization of the utmost need to acknowledge time for ME!  Thank you.”  Sherry P.

“You have reminded me that I can be imperfect AND divine magnificence.  Each weekly class allowed me to learn more about myself - and having you share with me your wisdom allowed me to grow even more.  I am feeling the love and I am grateful for you and Sacred Doodling.”  Macie Y.

“Thank you for 8 weeks of space to care for myself, pay attention to my creativity and inspiration, and remember my magnificence!  And thank you once again for being one of my sister-midwives during my latest transformation.”  Jen H.



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