Creativity Portals: Passages to Self Love

Artemystic Creativity Portals Workshop

There are so many gates we can choose to enter to find joy, love, peace, laughter, happiness. How often do we wait for those things to happen to us? Or even more difficult or perhaps frustrating, is waiting for something or someone else to provide it for us? What if we could volitionally step into those gates, those passages, and reconnect and re-member our magnificent Self? You know, like on purpose?! How cool would that be? I know, right?!

You are in charge of your joy. You are in charge of your happiness. You are in charge of loving yourself! Do you see the pattern here? How many of you have given that power away, hoping that someone else (or something else) will give them to you. How many ”if only’s” are you waiting for? If only I was thin… if only I was rich,... if only I could win the lottery,... if only I had the perfect partner… if only I had a partner at all… if only I was by myself… if only I hadn’t made that mistake… if only all my bills were paid… if only I had a better car… if only, if only, if only...

Sacred Doodling

Sacred doodling workshopIn this workshop, we will explore the expressive and intuitive paths available to us through the innocence and freedom of doodling. Through this process, we will be reminded of our greatness and magnificence. Yes… All from doodling! How about that?!

We Are All Creative

Creativity is a core characteristic of ALL of us. We are ALL creative. Every single one of us. (Have you ever watched a 5-year-old with a brand new box of crayons?) Somewhere along the way, we were “taught” to color in the lines, not make a mess, control our emotions. How many of you heard, “You better stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about!”? Along the way, a myriad of ”rules” squelched our forms of expression. Along the way, someone might not have responded to something we created in the way we hoped or imagined. Along the way, we decided we were no longer going to do THAT again… nope… not going to risk any possible rejection or criticism. In the moment, we made those decisions, part of ourselves began to die. But we called it “growing up.” The good news is that we can change that! We can begin to reclaim our Creativity, and expand our potential!

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