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I can hardly believe it’s November already. I know I say this EVERY month! And... it’s still true every month! I am still wondering what happened to June! When I was a kid, it took 

F O R E V E R ...

for the holidays to come… for another birthday to come (mine is in December)… for another turkey leg to be eaten! It seemed like everything was just a bit magical this time of year… at least through the eyes of a child! An an adult, (aka, the one who has to create the magic), there is never enough time… at least that’s how it feels. There is still the same 24 hours in a day as when I was a kid. At what point did 24 hours move faster? Time is relative I suppose. Yup, you can call me Einstein!

its easy top stay committed to doodling

Even after all this time, I doodle everyday. I doodle when I’m happy… when I’m sad… when I am in pain, when I’m numb… even when I don’t feel like doodling, I doodle! It has been one of those daily practices that I have been able to stick with no matter what. That is not true for the others things I have “tried”... meditation, exercise, eating healthy, etc. Now, don’t get me wrong,... those practices are great. I still do them because I think they are good for me. But the only thing I have been able to do consistently is doodling… no matter what. I began to wonder why that is.

fall doggies

Is it me, or is this year going by quickly? I continue to be shocked that another month, another season has passed. It’s hard to believe that’s it’s Autumn already! Of course it doesn't help that Halloween decorations were in the stores in the middle of the summer… And… I have seen the Christmas stuff already! Yikes!

I love this time of year. The weather is perfect in Las Vegas. At least it is today! I love to take the dogs for a walk in the morning… not too cold… not too hot. Just like Goldilocks likes her porridge! Aaaahhh…

Gold Medals and You

I have been inspired this past week watching that “Once Every 4 Years Sports Event That Starts With An O And Is Being Held In Rio de Janeiro At The Moment.” You know what I’m talking about, right? Swimming, gymnastics, track and field, rowing, skeet shooting, volleyball, basketball, judo, soccer, fencing, diving, archery, cycling, ping pong, badminton, rugby, tennis, etc. I cannot hardly comprehend what it takes to be able to participate in these events, let alone to win a medal, or dare I say a gold one at that. To be the absolute best in the world at something. What an incredible celebration of what the human body can do. I saw a post on Facebook that said, “Every event should have one average athlete competing alongside, for reference.” I laughed out loud as I sat on my couch, munching on pretzels. An average athlete? What about “average” person?

It's a good day today

Well, it looks like a beautiful day today! Not too hot… yet… (I get that is a relative statement considering I live in Las Vegas!) I am feeling fairly comfortable in my skin. It’s such a nice feeling…. when I actually pay attention and notice. I started thinking about how often I feel this way and just miss it. I don’t even pay attention to it. I forget to acknowledge it, have gratitude for it, or appreciate it. I only seem to really notice when I am uncomfortable, or irritated or when there is pain. I’m not saying to ignore those things, but why is it that we don’t really acknowledge when things are comfortable or maybe even great? How often do we take a moment to even say to ourselves, “Hey… all is well today!” That might not be such a bad idea… don’t you think?

A beautiful sunset

Well, here it is... June already. This year seems to be flying! Now, I know that 24 hours in a day is still 24 hours in a day. But why does it seem to go by so quickly? Or, on the other hand… why are there times when it seems to drag? It’s not like the clock is going at different paces just to mess with me, right? Sometimes I wish it would just so I can have an excuse for not getting everything done in a day!

Speaking of time passing by...

My sister’s father-in-law passed away recently and I heard that the funeral was quite a ritual. Prayers, chanting of psalms, lots of incense, taps being played, lots of flowers, kissing the cross, more prayers and chanting… all that good funeral kind of stuff. Nick Sr. lived until 92. I should be so lucky! This funeral had me thinking about the rituals we have in our lives… you know… like while we are actually alive! Why am I waiting to celebrate and honor my life? And,... if I wait for someone else to do it… I might be dead first… so, you see where this is going.

Spring roses are in bloomI love this time of year. The weather seems almost perfect for Las Vegas. Not too hot, not too cold. All the flowers are blooming and my yard smells of perfume! The roses, the jasmine! I was looking at my beautiful rose bushes and noticed that no two flowers are ever exactly the same...Ever. They may have similar attributes. They all have petals, thorns, leaves. Just like people, we are generally the same, ... we each have a heart, brain, lungs, skin, etc... All the same human elements are there. And yet, we are completely and utterly MAGNIFICENTLY, MIRACULOUSLY, UNIQUE!

billionphotos 1639359It always happens, right? Every New Year, we make the same old resolutions to change somehow. Maybe it's to lose weight, get a new job, clean out the garage, you know, the typical things. But how often do we actually do those things? Sure, once in awhile we will actually knock off a few pounds, only to put them right back on. But this cycle of resolutions without resolutions seems endless sometimes, doesn't it? What if the reason for that has nothing to do with lack of will? What if the main reasons we perpetually do not accomplish the goals behind our resolutions is that we are not addressing the underlying causes for us to want those changes in the first place?

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