Sacred Doodling

Sacred Doodling

Sacred doodling workshopIn this workshop, we will explore the expressive and intuitive paths available to us through the innocence and freedom of doodling. Through this process, we will be reminded of our greatness and magnificence. Yes… All from doodling! How about that?!

We Are All Creative

Creativity is a core characteristic of ALL of us. We are ALL creative. Every single one of us. (Have you ever watched a 5-year-old with a brand new box of crayons?) Somewhere along the way, we were “taught” to color in the lines, not make a mess, control our emotions. How many of you heard, “You better stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about!”? Along the way, a myriad of ”rules” squelched our forms of expression. Along the way, someone might not have responded to something we created in the way we hoped or imagined. Along the way, we decided we were no longer going to do THAT again… nope… not going to risk any possible rejection or criticism. In the moment, we made those decisions, part of ourselves began to die. But we called it “growing up.” The good news is that we can change that! We can begin to reclaim our Creativity, and expand our potential!


“Acceptance of all we are allows us to access our greatest expression” Panache Desai

This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore those places in yourself again and focus on Creativity as an essential and NECESSARY part of who you are as a Miraculous Human Being!

In this workshop, you will reacquaint yourself with your Creativity with a new set of wonderment. Through Sacred Doodling, you may see how truly magnificent, courageous and miraculous you REALLY are.

You will explore:

  • Your relationship with your Inner Critic and Judge, AND Inner Forgiver and Lover

  • Your preferences for “shoulds and should-nots,” for “pretty and ugly,” and “right and wrong” (Secret: There are no such things in the world of Sacred Doodling! How freeing is that?!)

  • How you value yourself as the creative, loving, and unique individual

  • The practice non-attachment and letting go

  • How to “think” outside the box and how you can use this in your life

  • Risk taking,… safely (It’s just a piece of paper after all.)

  • Becoming present to the here and now and the flow of the truth of the moment

  • Listening to and trusting your intuition

  • Symbols and universal images and your personal overlays to those images


  • Honoring ALL parts of you… your Beloved Magnificent Amazing Unique Fabulous WHOLE Self!

YOU ARE A MIRACLE! There will never be another person like you... EVER! Even your doodles are as unique as you! The world is waiting for your CREATIVITY! In this workshop, you will be reminded often!

Time to Bring It and BE it!!!

And who knows… you might even have some fun at the same time!

All this from Doodling? YES! YES! YES!


Workshop Information (New Spring 2017 Dates!)

  • Times: Thursday Evenings - 7PM to 10PM
  • Dates: April 6, April 13, April 20, April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25
  • Cost: $245 plus $50 for materials ($100 non refundable deposit)
  • Space is limited

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