Gold Medals and You

I have been inspired this past week watching that “Once Every 4 Years Sports Event That Starts With An O And Is Being Held In Rio de Janeiro At The Moment.” You know what I’m talking about, right? Swimming, gymnastics, track and field, rowing, skeet shooting, volleyball, basketball, judo, soccer, fencing, diving, archery, cycling, ping pong, badminton, rugby, tennis, etc. I cannot hardly comprehend what it takes to be able to participate in these events, let alone to win a medal, or dare I say a gold one at that. To be the absolute best in the world at something. What an incredible celebration of what the human body can do. I saw a post on Facebook that said, “Every event should have one average athlete competing alongside, for reference.” I laughed out loud as I sat on my couch, munching on pretzels. An average athlete? What about “average” person?


Can you imagine being the absolute best in the world at something? Just try and comprehend it. The one and only… on the top pedestal… the world cheering you and celebrating your greatness! Your special anthem is being played. So much joy and pride it might even bring tears to your eyes!

Hard to imagine?


I think the reason many of us love this kind of celebration and honoring of, in this case, athletic ability, is because we have disowned that in ourselves. We honor our athletes, (or anyone we have put on a pedestal) because we cannot even imagine that we could accomplish what they have. Will I ever score a 10 for diving? Hell no! I can’t even imagine climbing up that high let a lone jumping off that platform! Will I ever do a 2 and a half back flip with a blind landing. Hardly! I can’t even do a cartwheel! And, I’ll probably cry if I fall. So, from that perspective it would seem nearly impossible to compete, let alone participate, on such a world stage.

And yet, our bodies are miraculous!!! Do you realize what your body has to do to just breathe, or to have your heart pump blood throughout our body? How about wiggling your fingers and toes? It’s crazy how fabulous we are!

You are ALREADY the absolute best in the world at something. You are the BEST YOU in the world (and probably in the universe)! You are the Gold medal winner of YOU! No one can even come close to competing! No one can do the things you can do in the way you do it… let alone the combination of ALL of it… ALL OF YOU!

So, I think it’s time to celebrate. Celebrate YOU as if you were standing on the pedestal for the world to see, love, honor and reward you. But don’t wait to do it every 4 years! Maybe start with a little loving kindness every day just as a warm up!

This is not to say that the athletes competing on the world stage aren’t ridiculously fabulous… they are! AND... remember,... they are mirrors of your own magnificence. We love them for that! Are they extraordinary? You betcha!! AND SO ARE YOU!



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