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I can hardly believe it’s November already. I know I say this EVERY month! And... it’s still true every month! I am still wondering what happened to June! When I was a kid, it took 

F O R E V E R ...

for the holidays to come… for another birthday to come (mine is in December)… for another turkey leg to be eaten! It seemed like everything was just a bit magical this time of year… at least through the eyes of a child! An an adult, (aka, the one who has to create the magic), there is never enough time… at least that’s how it feels. There is still the same 24 hours in a day as when I was a kid. At what point did 24 hours move faster? Time is relative I suppose. Yup, you can call me Einstein!

Time for Thanks

I know Thanksgiving is a time when we are reminded to be grateful for all that we have, but really… how many of you wait until that one day a year? Or, how about only when you’re feeling down and you’re trying to cheer yourself up? Or, when a serious event occurs in your life and some perspective has presented itself? Or, do you just give thanks for all those things that you like or love or appreciate?

What if you made it a practice to give THANKS for everything every day? Yes… all of it. Even those things you don’t like.

Two Sides of the Coin

The human experience is fierce my friends!

What if… you gave thanks to your achy back? The $.02 left in your bank account? The cranky boss? What if you gave thanks for all of the things that give you stress? Make you afraid? Bring you sadness? By everything, I mean EVERYTHING. What do you imagine might happen to your perspective of your life? How about just making your next 24 hours something not taken for granted? At the very least, it couldn’t hurt, right?

Sometimes it’s hard out there. I get it! Have tons of compassion with yourself while you’re at it. That’s what it is like to be a human. The alternative is a whole other thing!

GIVE THANKS for the ability to give thanks!



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