It's a good day today

Well, it looks like a beautiful day today! Not too hot… yet… (I get that is a relative statement considering I live in Las Vegas!) I am feeling fairly comfortable in my skin. It’s such a nice feeling…. when I actually pay attention and notice. I started thinking about how often I feel this way and just miss it. I don’t even pay attention to it. I forget to acknowledge it, have gratitude for it, or appreciate it. I only seem to really notice when I am uncomfortable, or irritated or when there is pain. I’m not saying to ignore those things, but why is it that we don’t really acknowledge when things are comfortable or maybe even great? How often do we take a moment to even say to ourselves, “Hey… all is well today!” That might not be such a bad idea… don’t you think?


I take “feeling well” or even “everything seems to be working just fine today” for granted. I take my breath for granted… that my heart is beating… that I can walk, talk, hear, see and feel for granted. I don’t think I’m alone here. Most of us are busy focused on our “imperfections”, like our weight, our hair, what we might be wearing… and to add to that comparing ourselves to everyone else out there. In the meantime, did you take a moment to notice all of the good stuff? By the way, it’s ALL good stuff. But where has your attention been focused on?

OUR BODIES ARE MIRACLES! From the moment that one in gazzillion sperm hit that one egg that happen to be hanging out for a few days that month, became you, everything developed “magically” without you even having to worry about it! THINK ABOUT IT! What are the chances? Not only are our bodies amazing, but the combination that became YOU is even more MIRACULOUS! It’s crazy what our bodies can do without us thinking about it. We think the world revolves around our thoughts and feelings. The joke's on us!

There will never EVER be another you! But if you need to calculate the chances that there might one day be another one exactly like you, go ahead. I’m no mathematician, but I bet you those odds are preeeeeeeetty small.

So, the next time you look in the mirror, take a moment and look at yourself as if it IS A PRIVILEGE to see what you see. Try it on. It’s how I feel when I see each of you. Oh, yes it is!

It’s a GOOD day today! Don’t you think?!



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