billionphotos 1639359It always happens, right? Every New Year, we make the same old resolutions to change somehow. Maybe it's to lose weight, get a new job, clean out the garage, you know, the typical things. But how often do we actually do those things? Sure, once in awhile we will actually knock off a few pounds, only to put them right back on. But this cycle of resolutions without resolutions seems endless sometimes, doesn't it? What if the reason for that has nothing to do with lack of will? What if the main reasons we perpetually do not accomplish the goals behind our resolutions is that we are not addressing the underlying causes for us to want those changes in the first place?

How many of you have friends who are perpetually late? Come on, you know who they are and you've just come to expect it from them. You know they own watches and clocks and mobile phones with alarms on them, and yet they never seem to show up when it's time to be there. Maybe you've even said something about it, and pointed out the impact, and still there is no change. With all that in mind, think now about your New Years resolutions and how many have never been accomplished. The reason your friend is late, and the reason you haven't accomplished your resolutions, are one in the same. You are addressing the symptoms without looking at the causes, and so is your friend. Reasons don't matter so reasoning doesn't work.

So it's not so much the desire to lose weight that is lacking or the will to accomplish it. It is that we start the effort without looking inside ourselves first. We attempt to swim without considering that we might be swimming upstream. This is why it's important to meditate and to use the tools of divination to see ourselves and decide what matters most to us. The outcome from this approach is likely to be very different. We may change our entire way of eating instead of concentration on a few pounds. We may begin to see how we devalue ourselves in relationship before we go looking for a new boyfriend, and in doing so, end up with a much better person to be with. The goal is to see life as your artwork, and in doing so, begin to create the masterpiece you really want and are capable of.


Happy New Year!

- Karen


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